Activate the gift of self-healing to experience the radiant beauty and joy of optimal health.

Digital downloads, Self-Publishing Consulting & Black American Hoodoo Empowerment


We teach Black Women who suffer with

Chronic dis-ease and low self-esteem

How to activate the gift of Self-healing

To become the woman of her dreams

And experience the radiant beauty

And joy of optimal health

Activate Your Power to self-heal

Do you experience:

  • Chronic disease?
  • Issues with weight?
  • Low self-esteem

Being healthy happy and whole is your birthright. Don’t let disease and low self-esteem keep you from being the radiantly healthy woman of your dreams

Hoodoo: The Hope of the Slave

Connecting with your Ancestors and their spiritual tradition is possible while honoring God and staying connected to the Black Church. You can be empowered, Self-determined, and spiritually anchored. Attend the FREE online seminar, “Establishing An Ancestor Altar the Hoodoo Way”

Make Your Dream of becoming a Writer a Reality

Would you like to self-publish a book but feel you:

  • Don’t have the knowledge?
  • Don’t have the support?
  • Don’t have the skill?

Don’t live with regret like others who were too afraid to follow their dreams. Become the writer you were destined to become!


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