Harpo, Who Dis Woman…Discovering Your Purpose and Greatest Truth

“But the question that will most help you live your purpose is not what have I come here to do? But rather who have I come here to be”


If you are wondering who you are or why you are here, I have a little bit of advice to offer you. This is from my own personal experience. You see, I’ve been through some things and seen some things. But most importantly I have transcended some things. Most people merely survive. They survive their childhood traumas, their pain, disappointments, rejections, and sickness. But only a few are able to transcend survival to experience personal transformation and mastery. This is definitely another topic for another day, but I have shared this to provide the proper context that you definitely want to pick up what I’m putting down. I know who I am and what I am here to do. All I had to do was ask myself two questions and listen for the answers. The two questions are:

  1. If you didn’t have to get up and go to work every day…If you had no familial or societal obligations… If you didn’t have to worry about money…what would you spend your time doing?

2. Imagine the best version of yourself. What does it feel like to be him or her?

Asking these two questions will allow you to discover your purpose in life. You will unearth your greatest and highest truth. But I must warn you, the asking is the easy part. Listening for the answers have proven to be more difficult. It requires that you take an honest assessment of your current habits, beliefs, and mindset. It requires an intentional silencing of outside noise. It demands that some beliefs you’ve held all your life are discarded. It forces some people out of your life. It often times means preparation for some stormy weather.  

There are many joys in life, but nothing compares to knowing the truth of who you are at the soul level and being able to live in and walk in that truth daily. Asking two simple questions and bracing yourself to receive the answers will be well worth it.


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