New Year, New You…Not Now

New Year, New You…Not Now

“In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move”

Henry Rollins

In the dead of winter, while trees and plants are dormant, animals are hibernating, and all of nature is in a state of rest, recovery, and reflection, society says, “Happy New Year! New Year, New You! We are encouraged and subtly manipulated to set goals, make resolutions, and rev up our internal energy to make it all happen.

“Winter is a season of recovery and preparation

Paul Theroux

We have become so disconnected from nature that we work against it’s innate and principled wisdom of seasons and cycles. Now is not the time to declare it is a new season and a new you. Now is not the time to go hard to release weight, stop whatever bad habits need discarding, or work toward any other goal that will make us a better version of ourselves. Now is a time to rest and recover. The winter months are a perfect opportunity to go within and truly reflect. Winter is the season of quiet and renewal.

Bears hibernate to conserve energy when food is scarce during winter. This is self-preservation at its best. We too need to conserve energy during the winter as sunlight (our life force as melanin beings) is scarce during the winter months. Many of us experience seasonal depression. Winter is a time of self-care and self-preservation.

Many people fail to achieve their “New Year”goals. They find that their New Year, New Me plan has failed miserably. It’s not you. It’s the season. The best time to set “New Year, New Me” goals is in Spring. When the natural world begins to awaken and bring forth new fruit. You’ll find you are much more successful when you work with nature, than against it.

Conserve your energy. Protect your energy. Learn to be in tune with nature. Learn to listen to the innate wisdom of Mother Earth and your body. Rest, repair, and prepare. Society may say it’s a New Year. But a New You? Not now. Wait for the right season to awaken and blossom.

Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius”

Pietro Aretino


Kathleen Nicole

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