The Magnetism of the Feminine Essence

The Magnetism of the Feminine Essence

“She accepts your compliments on her face, her hair, her body graciously-and she is, indeed, beautiful. But she is only moved when you notice the beauty of her spirit”

Allaisia Hanan

The feminine essence is the most attractive and powerful force there is. A woman who reclaims her feminine essence and makes the choice to embrace her femininity as the inimitable aspect by which she defines herself will find true freedom, protection, and provision. 

A feminine woman will always be more focused on “being” rather than doing. Authenticity, vulnerability, radiance, and connection are some terms associated with a feminine essence. The rhythm of the feminine essence is slower than the usual pace. Feminine essence is expressed through feelings rather than thoughts. A woman who is in tune with her feminine essence is guided by her intuition. She lives in harmony with her emotions and energy. She is an open conduit, easily open to receive as willingly as she gives. She is constantly in the flow of life. She trusts herself completely and knows the power she possesses within. She is mysterious and enigmatic, not easily understood, or penetrated, but lovingly offers the opportunity for others to figure her out.

A woman who learns to wield the power of her feminine essence will find an internal peace, joy, and fortitude. This will allow her to move in and out of the various environments and roles women occupy with grace, grit, and ease. She will have what is rightfully hers by divine right because nothing can resist the magnetism of the feminine essence.

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