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Beware Of The Evil Eye

“Are they a friend of your brokenness or a friend of your breakthrough? Some people are supporters as long as you stay broken” Raine Howard Think twice before sharing ALL of your good news on social media! You’re happy, ecstatic even. You just got a new job, a promotion, recently engaged, found out you’re expecting, […]

Love or Loyalty? Which Would You Choose…

“Simple truths are often the most necessary ones” J. California Cooper I realize that I have many assumptions about many things but lack a true foundational knowledge about these “things”. I blame society. Society lauds its members for looking the part, sound biting the part and trending the part. We are celebrated for giving the […]

The 4 Questions I Ask To Know Who A Man Is

“No man is free who is not master of himself” Epictetus I can ask any man 4 questions and from his responses know just about everything I need to know about him. And they have nothing to do with that proverbial table everyone references and what he brings to it. More than anything it is […]


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