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Kathleen Nicole- Published Author, Blogger, Radical Self-Healer

Review of F**k Boy Free: 10 Ways to Repel F**k Boys and Attract the Man of Your Dreams


Shauntel D

Review of The Black Girl’s Guide to Healing: 10 Ways to Achieve a Healthy, Pain Free Period

“You really did a great job and it’s really so much more than the title suggests…I’m trying to incorporate some of the ideas into my granddaughter’s life”

Alnisa, B

Praise for the Kathleen Nicole Blog

“Parents if you have Black Daughters, make sure you follow Kathleen Nicole and go check out her website. This Woman Has an Amazing Blog and Does Videos As Well….. She’s written Several books that will Help Our Young Black Women Discover Themselves and Gain Confidence!!!!! BLACK MENTORS MATTER!!

Elijah, M

I just wanted to commend you on the excellent article “The Truth About Keto”. I’m always tempted to consider quick weight loss programs. Yes, the weight loss would be rapid but as your column indicated, I feared the health consequences. I just wanted to thank you again for educating our people in sensible choices for better health!!

Karen, W

“Oh My, well written and a great read. You’re an amazing woman with a pure soul. This is so worth of sharing

Darrell, T

“I can relate to your experience in the depth of my spirit…Thank you for being so vulnerable and transparent with your pain, purpose, and power”

Yolanda, K

“Was not sure what to expect as I searched for your blog. I am truly a fan more now than ever. Your strength and focus is amazing and after reading this, I see why. Forever a fan”

Rob, W

“Kathleen’s Radical, Spiritual & Holistic tenacity is by far the Most Authentic I’ve ever known. Wisdom, is the principal thing! Her writings never fail and she’s got receipts. Kathleen speaks with great poise, reverence and love! I’m delighted to see her Manifest full out in this life! She gracefully Sows, as I glean gratefully.

Taysha Wetherly

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